Centralization: The next digital frontier

centralization-digital-advertisementMost companies are familiar with HootSuite, a central platform to manage multiple social media accounts. A system that acts like HootSuite for digital messaging provides franchises the ability to manage everything from a single platform.

Centralizing digital messaging helps brands by:

  • Assuring quality content to maintain brand consistency — When managers can see media content organized in one central platform, they can cross-compare messages. The result is that they are only pushing messages to catch consumers’ attention, deliver relevant information and promote the company without compromising brand consistency across locations.
  • Engaging visitors on a hyper-local level to multiply profits and increase foot traffic — Brands can utilize information gathered on each demographic to develop messaging and promote items that will appeal to those consumers. Digital Social Retail estimates pushing a specific product on digital signage can increase sales more than 60 percent for that product. Consumers want to feel taken care of by brands, not as if they are being sold to as a mass audience. Digital signage creates a natural pathway for brands to reconnect with each local audience by tailoring the content to each specific audience.

For brands with numerous locations and those continuing to add new locations, there is room for error when it comes to digital signage. However, there is also an opportunity for these companies to capitalize on the potential of digital screens. Nielsen Media Research found the presence of monitors in stores can increase sales by 19 percent.

Much in the way brands have turned to certain software programs to centralize their many social media accounts, businesses are now realizing the need to do the same in order to control the messaging being disseminated via digital screens.

Source: http://snip.ly/7uak3

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