Repost: Creating demand: 4 key elements of digital signage content strategy

digital-signAs digital signage has become a more cost-effective and accessible solution, businesses of all sizes are looking to leverage the dynamic platform and maximize its potential.

Yet, to their own detriment, many brands mistakenly approach the platform with a warped perception of what types of content their customers crave and what really works in an effort to generate a return on their investment. To create greater demand and generate maximum value from digital signage, businesses need to implement effective content strategies that fully capitalize on the potential of the medium. It’s not enough to simply have content with a strong call to action — many other variables come into play.

Without an underlying strategy, digital content is often no more impactful than a blank screen. However, when leveraged properly, digital signage can serve as a dynamic brand extension, meeting a primary objective to create greater customer demand while helping to inform, entertain and ultimately grow a loyal customer base.

While it seems fairly obvious, many brands run past the fundamentals when developing their digital signage strategy. Marketers must first clearly define the objective and understand the importance of content in a much broader view and context. Digital signage is more than a replacement of static promotional signage, and it must be viewed as an entirely different medium.


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