5 Essential Elements to Create a Successful Outdoor Advertisement

Outdoor advertising continues to grow at a rapid pace, partly due to constant innovations in the industry – including digital, 3D and video signage. To create an effective outdoor campaign, incorporate these five elements into your strategy.

1. Consider Your Target Audience

First, determine your target audience. Give careful consideration to where they live, work and shop. What are their needs, wants and aspirations? Blend your marketing goals with the lifestyles and psychographics of your target market for the most effective results.

2. Brand Imagery for Outdoor Ads

The best outdoor advertising is a perfect blend of copy and art, words and images. A good example is the plain white Silberman’s Fitness Center billboard with the copy, “Time for Silberman’s Fitness Center,” the phone number, and a picture of an overweight man standing on the right in profile, looking left across the sign. The entire billboard is set at an angle, as if his bulk has tilted the entire construction — it communicated the brand image efficiently.

3. Select The Appropriate Media Format

Think about how your target market spends their day. It might make sense to buy the biggest billboards around the city to reach them. On the other hand, consider signage near mass transit, at athletic events and in convention centers. Look for event opportunities like Fashion Week advertising. Design your creative layouts around the format you select.

4. Make Your Message Clear

Since the reader is usually driving or riding by, you have limited time to deliver your message – as little as six seconds or less. Keep your main message to five or six words in length. Your product or service may have two or three main customer benefits. Instead of including all of them on one billboard, separate them with a single message on each sign.

5. Visible Contact Information

Try to avoid using nondescript website names or phone numbers on your signs. Consider getting a dedicated website or toll-free number that is easy to remember. For example, if your website was called AnytownCupcakeBakeryandTreats.com, it will be hard to remember. Instead, purchase another website name that is shorter and catchier. Then forward the traffic from that domain to your main website.

Outdoor advertising is a growing force in a cluttered advertising environment because it’s effective, it’s efficient and it can’t be turned off like a TV or mobile device. Use these guidelines to help create powerful outdoor advertising that will make a big impact on your target market.

Source: https://goo.gl/5CkpgO

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