The benefits of LED Truck Advertising

Benefit #1: LED Truck Advertising supports Dynamic messaging and Real-time data.

Benefit #2: Higher resolution and Lower price.

Benefit #3: LED Truck Advertising Follows regulations and Support Beautification.

Benefit #4: LED Truck Advertising is an innovative concept and it is virtually impossible for consumers to ignore these mobile animated ads.

Benefit#5: LED billboards create more long-lasting impressions to consumers.

Benefit#6: Our Mobile LED Advertising Truck will run through the pre-defined routes (of course, by you) for a fixed pre-defined time span (say, 5-days or 40 hours per week). After that you can change the route of our mobile billboard to hit the other areas.

Benefit#7: People will never get bored looking at your billboard ads.

Benefit#8: No matter what angle you look at it, the fact still remains the same.

Benefit#9: Cost of booking our LED Truck Advertising is way cheaper than your average & outdated forms of advertising (infomercials, newspaper ads, or radio announcements).

Benefit#10: You can the most out of it. Keeps your consumer’s hooked to it.


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