D-Connector to Revolutionize Advertising in 2017 with LED Trucks Dubai

AL QUOZ, UAEJan. 11, 2017PRLog — The company was born out of the “think outside the box” concept and the desire to revolutionize traditional advertising. It offers a complete line of unique media services such as indoor LED screens, including LED display screen andtransparent LED billboards; billboard advertising including outdoor LED billboards; and mobile LED trucks, which the company aims to be the leader in for the region.

Mobile LED trucks are the core of the company’s business and are designed to convey a marketing message in a unique, more striking and more impactful way. D-Connector is the first-ever company in the region to launch these trucks, which are claimed to become a mainstream sight on Dubai roads in the next few years. Setting this advertising medium apart from others is its proven effectiveness in getting leads and establishing brand awareness as it displays the clients’ ads several times a day 24/7 and reaches the most populous locations. Given that it is something new and displays flashy, moving graphics, the ads easily capture people’s attention and is retained in their memory. As a result, it greatly influences a potential customer’s buying decision.

D-Connector takes pride in the quality of its LED screen Dubai, but the company offers more than just that. To ensure full satisfaction of customers, it also has a qualified and experienced team that offers LED supply and installation. Using the right equipment and their expertise, any LED screen rented no matter what the size or shape, will be installed, removed or relocated with care as per clients’ requirements.

The goal of the company is to help both private companies and public sectors based in Dubai reach their target market and excel in their respective industries. This is one of the reasons why it is supported by Dubai SME, an agency of the Department of Economic Development (DED) that provides a platform with which individuals feel empowered to participate in the economic growth of the region.

This coming year, D-Connector will embark on a journey to help companies reach their goal by providing LED trucks Dubai and digital signage UAE. By offering excellent services at the most competitive rates, this will pave the way for the company to establish a strong position in the local market.

Visit the D-Connector Latest News https://outdoorledadvertising.wordpress.com/

Source: https://www.prlog.org/12612588-connector-to-revolutionize-advertising-in-2017-with-led-trucks-dubai.html


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