Garden Wedding Theme: Why It’s Perfect for a Small and Intimate Wedding

A garden wedding theme is quite popular among couples that are not as traditional. Instead of having a wedding in a church, they choose to share their big day with loved ones in the great outdoors. Having a wedding ceremony in a garden can feel extremely intimate and romantic. Garden themes are generally appropriate for smaller groups and the dress code is almost always more casual. Expect to see a lot of vivid colors and beautiful flowers all around.

The only problem with a garden wedding theme is there is no way to predict the weather. To be safe, it’s best to set a date for this type of wedding in the summer months, because there is a much better chance that the weather will be ideal. Chances of high winds or rain often occur during the spring or fall. There’s no doubt both are beautiful times of the year to enjoy a garden wedding, but there is really no way of knowing if the weather will be nice on the big day. Just in case you do decide to have a garden wedding in the spring or fall months, make sure to have some sort of back up plan in case the weather does not hold up. Check to see if tents are available that are large enough for all of the wedding guests.

There are a variety of wedding dresses that would be perfect for a garden wedding theme. The bride can choose to either wear something long or short, just nothing too long like floor length or with a train in the back. There is nothing worse than having grass and dirt stains all over a beautiful wedding dress. Ball gowns are also not appropriate for this type of wedding since they are so formal. The bride should lean towards something a little more casual, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be intricate and breathtaking.

A garden wedding theme would not be complete without a lot of flowers. It’s only natural to find a wide variety of flowers in a garden. If the garden you select for your wedding venue does not come with enough flowers, it’s up to you to incorporate more of them to really bring out the theme of the wedding. Have them lined up along the makeshift aisle, and make sure there are plenty of floral arrangements on each table.

Besides the use of flowers, there are other great items that can be added to bring out the garden theme. Butterflies for instance, they are beautiful creatures that can often be found fluttering around nearby flowers in a garden. Use butterflies as part of your decor, design for your cake, incorporated into wedding favors, etc.

Colors are always important, but it depends more on the season that the wedding takes place in. There should obviously be some green, maybe a lighter shade for the spring and summer months and a darker shade for something around fall. Garden themes are great, because you can pretty much use any color in the rainbow. It’s natural to see all kinds of beautiful colors in a garden.

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