A Garden Wedding Just For You

In a garden there will be lots of and kinds of flowers, if possible you can ask if the flowers can be picked. If not, you can buy some from the store to decorate the aisle. Main color of a garden is green. On the green pawn get some bolded colors that are different from green will show a different feeling. Of course sunny day is necessary. Better not to get married in a garden that is wet. The grass will make your bridal gown looks dirty. Scatter some pink, red, yellow or purple petals along the aisle and this will make the aisle even more romantic. The aisle will be like a fairy tale. Not every garden looks similar to the other. Some gardens have their own aisles with small stones or just plain. If the aisle is plain you can think about covering the aisle with white or red carpet. Any color is suitable just according to your wedding theme and to your favors. Having a carpet on the aisle will protect your bridal gown also. By the way, for a garden wedding, shorter bridal gowns are better than longer ones. If on the wedding there are some flower girls that would be good because you don’t have to worry about your wedding dress.

About the catering

Garden wedding is relaxing relatively. And you can serve something that can be interesting and best to be something that the guests can help themselves. Buffet is a good idea. Hire some really good chief from famous restaurant to help. If you don’t have a lot of guests and just your close friends and family members BBQ is also nice. Cook whatever you like and enjoy the progress of cooking food.

About the wedding cake

In a naturally environment bright colors can be inviting. Wedding cakes can be made in a flower shape or a cake decorated with kinds of flowers. Prepare some cup cakes of pies for the kids on the wedding. They will love them very much. That would be a good treat to the little kids. Kids are angels.

About the wedding invitations

Garden wedding invitations should be something that related to the garden. You can either try to make wedding invites by yourself or buy some in the store or from the internet. Take a photo of the garden you are going to have the wedding and then make it the cover of the invites. This is really easy and will not take your lots of time and energy. Simply invitations with some flowers and trees are good. Any kind of wedding invitations with garden stuff are OK to send out for your wedding. The only thing you have to think about is what color you love and which style you prefer.

Source: https://goo.gl/v9FxwS

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