Smart Outdoor LED Billboards Are Changing Advertising

While customers are trying to avoid all kinds of advertising more and more, out-of-home media is blooming. It is the only medium that can not be avoided, can’t be turned off, it is on 24/7.

Let’s face it, people are spending much more time out of their home than in the past. In fact, Americans are spending twice as much time on-the-go than they did twenty years ago. For this reason outdoor advertisements have grown tremendously in recent years. Think about how congested our freeways are and the increased length of commutes that many Americans are committed to. Contrary to other popular media sources, outdoor ads can not be avoided, and they certainly can not be fast forwarded or skipped. Advancing technology is also making it easier for marketers to convey their message in an attractively effective manner.

Outdoor advertising reaches people on-the-go and offers extremely targeted messaging designed to intercept consumers, wherever they go in an urban market or on suburban highways. Digital outdoor media can make a tremendous impact improving reach, frequency and overall awareness.

LED digital billboard formats offer high-impact, strategic positioning and market-to-market coverage with an unprecedented means of reaching today’s highly mobile consumer audience.

But that’s not all. Digital Billboards can deliver on so many levels:

– Clean eye-popping exposure 24/7

– Clutter free messages in a uniquely customized environment

– Desirable suburban coverage filling gaps left by other media

According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, outdoor is still the second fastest growing media segment, being beat only by the Internet.

The industry is leaning on its new technology to amp up price and flexibility. Thanks to the new digital billboards, multiple products can be advertised on the same board, one advertiser can have different messages for no extra cost, and promotions (artwork) can be uploaded faster than ever. While it takes a couple of days to print, ship and install a vinyl ad, digital artwork can be uploaded via a mouse click in minutes, from miles and miles away.

The growth of the out-of-home segment is not only sustainable, but also is accelerating thanks to the introduction of digital billboards with television-quality ads that can be changed on the fly –all broadcast on huge, bright displays. The technology is sparking a renaissance in what has been considered a stodgy business.

Digital outdoor media offers unsurpassed flexibility and impact in comparison to traditional static billboards. Multiple messages can be posted, advertisers can get creative, surprising the audience with fresh, new ads as often as they like to. New technology is even available to listen to the radio frequencies of passing cars and adjust the advertising messages depending upon the implied demographics. A digital advertising display produces a visual appeal with innovation of video, and can have even better targeting ability than traditional outdoor advertising. Digital media intensifies and strengthens a successful brand campaign and continues to make improvements. With the larger-than-life, eye-catching broad appeal, LED digital billboards deliver the impact of television-type advertising.

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