Everything You Need to Know About LED Truck Advertising

Thanks to technology, it’s already possible to provide high-impact digital advertisements to your target market both at street or market levels. And one of the best ways to do this is through truck advertising, which is considered as the perfect medium for advertisers who want the powerful impact of traditional outdoor and the flexibility of internet advertising.

The Pros of Mobile LED Screen Advertising

  • Zero Production Costs – Given that the advertisements are displayed digitally, setup, print or shipping costs are not involved.
  • Flexibility – A mobile LED screen provides you with the freedom to update your message as often as you want without any extra charges.
  • Multiple Messaging – What’s more, you can also display a number of messages such as audio, text and video without any production costs involved.

Apart from the above mentioned benefits, it also offers other customized advantages. They are as follows:

  • Target a certain geographical area
  • Gain up to thousands of impressions on a daily basis
  • Create a memorable impression with engaging and impactful graphics on LED screens

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Comply with all traffic regulations but target your audience
  • Think of an attention-grabbing display showcasing your brand’s quality
  • Display live videos that focus on the reasons your target audience love your brand
  • Be familiar with refund and exchange policies
  • Donate available advertisement space to effectively promote city events


  • Don’t blast music over loudspeakers while driving as this can distract other motorists
  • Never regulate your LED truck advertisements during rush hours

How to Come Up with an Effective LED Truck Ad

  • Promote Your Testimonials – Nothing beats promoting the positive reviews of your customers as this is by far the most powerful form of mobile LED screen advertising. It is a good idea to organize testimonial campaigns that connect potential customers with your current ones.
  • Promote Your People – Another tip: do a personal ad style by promoting your people. This way, your audience can connect with your brand on a personal level.
  • Promote the Benefits – One of the best ways to attract potential customers and convert them into long-term customers is through focusing on the value of your product or service in your advertisement. To achieve brand recognition, be clear on the features and benefits of your product or service.
Outdoor media advertising is the best way to make your brand known among your target audience in the 21st century. Call D-Connector today and start your business’ journey into success!

Source: https://goo.gl/zx7gdz

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