Good Places to Distribute Promotional Items

Promotional items have often been used as a fun and inexpensive way to get your business name out to potential customers and clients. Companies and organizations have been doing it for decades now, but coming up with these promotional items is just the first step. Whether you’re dealing with pens, tote bags, hats, water bottles, a mixture of these or something else entirely, a big part of getting the items to work is finding a suitable place to hand them out to people. This, however, is easier said than done, because it’s not just anywhere that someone will be likely or willing to take a promotional item from you. Here are some places that would be a good idea to go to in order to get the most promotional items you can out to the public.

Malls have been the backbone for many communities throughout the country. This is where people come to buy their goods, to mingle, to eat, and just plain to have fun. Whether you have money or not the mall is the perfect place to go to spend some time. Just ask any teenager you until and chances are you’ll get told the same thing. Thus, the mall is an excellent place to give out promotional items for your company.

In order to do so, though, you’ll first need to speak with management in order to be allowed to do any promoting within a mall. When you get permission, though, setting up a simple stand that will attract people will get you started in the right direction. At the mall, you can give out promotional items to people as they walk by, in addition to information about your company if you have any. Chances are, they won’t turn down something free, especially after a long day of spending their money in department stores.

If you look at the mall example, you’ll understand that places where the public tend to gather in large numbers is the best place to give out promotional items. Besides the mall, one place that is great to do this is the zoo. Throughout the year, families flock to the zoo, where children and adults alike are fascinated by the animals there. Zoo’s also offer many stands that are set up around the area. These sell food, mostly, but there’s no reason you can’t set up a place to give away your promotional items as well. As zoos tend to be hot places, one good idea would be to give away water bottles filled to the brim. Water bottles tend to be a good promotional item anyway, but here they work perfectly to quench visitor’s thirsts and get your company’s name across, too.

There are plenty of places and times that public gathers together in groups. Events of all types happen throughout the year. If you in charge of giving away promotional items, you should be on top of this, figuring where the best places and events are. Start calling people who set these events up or who manage various places, and you’ll find that setting up a stand to give away your promotional items will be a piece of cake.

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