Get Your ADs an Edge, Switch to LED Displays, Get Maximum Attention

LED Displays are generally used for advertisement and there use is spreading now, due to low cost of operating it, it’s a massive hit. Also known as LED Panels.

Generally there are two types of LED panels:

A. Conventional, using distinct LEDs
B. And SMD (short for surface mounted device) panels.

Most outdoor screens and indoor screens are built by using conventional LEDs, also known as individually mounted LEDs. A group of red, green, and blue diodes are driven together to form a full-color pixel, usually square in shape.

Here I will jot down some popular led displays.

Desktop LED Displays
These led displays are designed specially for time critical messages, and conveys time-critical information to persons who need it, when they require it.

Outdoor LED Displays
One of the brightest scrolling message LED sign exists. Its readable even in direct sunlight, it gives a wide viewing angle, best for numerous outdoor advertisements and for information display applications.

LED curve display
These displays are usually high resolution are brilliant and viewable to certain specified degrees from any angle.

They have curve-able and sleek design; and offer both convex and concave design possibilities.
It comes in handy when you have to place screen on curve walls, and for giving stylish look for interior decoration.

LED scoreboards
New LED scoreboards have been entertaining and informing crowds an English cricket venue, tennis court and soccer ground.

LED displays have been used by Creative Technology to replace the dot matrix scoreboards.

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