4 Powerful Tips on Getting Started with Outdoor Advertising

In layman’s term, outdoor advertising, also known as out-of-home advertising, targets customers who are outside their homes, shopping, visiting public spaces or commuting. Just recently, it has undergone regeneration, specifically with the launch of groundbreaking technology to the medium. This has made OOH more compatible with digital marketing.

If you have a business, you need to take full advantage of this kind of advertising. To kickstart an effective outdoor advertising campaign, use the following tips.

  1. Establish a strategy to use the data available.

Using Google Analytics is a great way to measure the success of your advertising campaigns. You can apply the results to OOH by testing ad creatives online prior to committing to a LED signage or billboard. Plus, you can identify the best place to put OOH ads by utilizing mobile tracking and IP addresses. Pinpointing these locations is the key to knowing which OOH sites will be most effective at reaching your consumers.

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What You Will Get Out of LED Screens

Mobile LED screens are turning into the new standard bearer in outdoor advertising. Their bright display and ease of use are two of the key factors that make them highly in demand in today’s industry. Since they are widely used by event organizers and advertisers, the cost of renting has become more affordable.

Let’s look into the things your business will get out of digital mobile billboards in Dubai.

1) Brightness

The brightness of LED screens is probably one of the main reasons why they are becoming the most preferred advertising medium. They are also capable of generating light of their own which makes the display more vivid and crisp. Depending on the venue, LED signs are not required to run at their full brightness to be visible. Thus, they last longer than they’re supposed to and require less energy to operate.

If you are event organizer who wants to conduct an event whether at daytime or in the night, then LED screens are the best option available as they can adjust their brightness according to the weather conditions.

2) Display

HD videos are best when played on LED screens due to their high definition quality. What’s more, you can also display a composite image which can be customized as per your needs and requirements.


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Modern Billboards – Advertise in LED

Billboard advertising only used paper, vinyl, paint, or mechanical methods prior to the digital age. Today, technology has revolutionized outdoor advertising through the use of LED billboards. What exactly is an LED billboard? LED billboards display advertisements on computerized screens, rather than being painted or printed on a wood backing such as with “traditional” billboards. LED billboards offer advantages that traditional billboards cannot match: the ability to place ads on buildings, more eye catching ads, and the ability to easily display multiple ads.

The key advantage of LED billboard advertising is the ability to produce high quality ads. By incorporating video, LED billboard advertising produces ads that are very realistic. As a matter of fact, full-length commercials can be played on some LED billboards. This allows advertisers to convey a longer message, particularly if the LED billboard is placed near where drivers would need to stop for traffic signals. The captive audience may see the entire message before their light changes.

The idea that businesses can show multiple advertisements with one sign is another huge benefit of advertising with LED billboards. With traditional billboards the original advertisement had to be removed in order to display a different one. Mechanical billboards are, of course, an exception to this rule. These billboards can show a maximum of three advertisements within minutes of each other if they are non-computerized. However, if a mechanical billboard has a scrolling ability and is computerized, it can show up to 30 advertisements. With LED billboard ads, there is no cap on the amount of advertisements that can be shown. If you would like to change them, it is as easy as clicking your computer mouse or inputting new fields into the computer.

Finally, it is possible to display LED billboard advertising in places not usually associated with advertising. For example, ads can be placed on buildings or on small signs. New York’s Time Square and Las Vegas use LED billboards extensively on the sides of buildings. In “early adopter” high tech areas such as Japan, they are also very popular. The reason for its popularity should be quite obvious. LED billboards take up less space than larger, more traditional billboards, which make them easier to place on buildings. The billboard can act as a very good marketing tool for businesses, as the clients can see ads about their services and products at the entrance of the store. How else are you going to lure in that client at the last moment?

In conclusion, LED billboard advertising is a cutting edge option for businesses that can afford it. Not only is the process of interchanging ads much easier, but it also allows for more elaborate ads to be displayed. For more convenience, the ads can be placed on buildings and other locations. LED billboard advertising has not yet replaced traditional billboards in rural areas, but they are gaining popularity in urban areas. And if technology improves rapidly enough, there may even be a time in our lives where we will only see LED outdoor billboard advertising.

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The Perks of Using Mobile LED Advertising Screens

Nowadays, wherever we go, we are bombarded with different ads. Apart from the advertisements we see in newspapers and on television, LED display advertising has become quite popular. LED screens are being used for branding purposes by various business owners and advertisers. This medium is also used for various areas including exhibitions, conferences, sporting events, and others.

LED Display screens offer a number of benefits to business and event organizers. Some of them are as follows:

1) Broadening the customer base

Getting the message or information across to new people and broadening the customer base is easy with the help of LED screens. As we all know, it is difficult to expand the business if the customer base stays the same. The latest market research shows that through LED advertising screens, customer base can be increased tremendously.

2) Content is released easily

LED signs work similarly to a computer monitor to process and release the advertising content in a digital way.

3) Flexibility

Outdoor LED signs come with environmental protection and energy conservation features which enable them to perform efficiently in different weather conditions.

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Super-Slim LED Walls – The Latest Inventions

The rapid technological improvements in LED lighting brings us newly developed products nearly every month. The application of LED lights gets wider constantly, giving us new fields of use in our everyday life. Besides lighting purposes their installation into mobile phone and TV techniques meant a crucial step.

If you happen to like watching TV on a good quality screen, you might easily become a fan of the new LED television sets. Besides the excellent quality provided by the LED technique it also allows televisions to be as slim as a picture on your wall.

Another super-slim LED product has recently evolved in lighting techniques. LED walls, mainly used for advertising purposes apply the edge-lighting technique, a combination of the optic quality polymethyl-methacrylate (PMMA) and LCD display technologies. These panels are enlightened only at their edges either with fluorescent tubes or low energy consumption LED solutions – panels, tubes, strips – and the light emitted is spread by a diffusion panel, introducing it to the acryl panel. This way; the entire panel is enlightened, providing a large lighting area, thus creating a backlit display, similar to what you can see in LED televisions. This edge-lighting solution uses high efficiency LEDs to focus the light into a high-performance backlight, or light guide. This technique involves the innovation of a new surface not the technology of the LED itself, but rather creates a new mode of applying it.

Besides the presently used advertising purpose LED walls open a whole range of possibilities to be used as main lighting. Business opportunities mainly lie in advertising, but can be used for conferences, and fairs as well. Panels used for main lighting create a whole new atmosphere at your home or office, and gives the room the brightness of a large sized window. Walls also develop in such a rapid pace that their aesthetic and design value are no-doubt part of future interior design.

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Uses of Outdoor LED Screen For Promotions

Nowadays, outdoor LED screens are the best medium for event advertising as they offer bright and attention-grabbing displays. These screens are aimed at providing advertisers and company owners with the opportunity to effectively convey their message in different formats including pictures, graphics, and video.

The great thing about these screens is that they have the capability to attract and persuade the audience to avail the product or service being advertised. Hence, they are something that you really have to invest in.

Now, let’s look into the other uses of outdoor LED screens for event promotions in Dubai.

  1. LED signs can be updated and transformed and this makes them more flexible and dynamic than traditional billboards. Many businesses use mobile billboard trucks to provide customers with real-time information as they travel from one place to another. Given that they can be operated wherever and whenever advertisers and business owners can update their customers regarding the latest products and services in a timely fashion.
  2. Outdoor LED screens are also used to provide public service information. In case of any urgent warnings and updates aimed at the general public, dissemination is easier with the help of this advertising medium.

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The Magic of a Good Outdoor Led Sign

Do you want to make your advertising campaign more dynamic? Maybe it’s time you consider integrating an outdoor LED sign to your outdoor advertising campaign.

LED displays are hot these days. They are proven to enhance an advertisement’s attractiveness, making it more eye-catching and improving customer conversion rate. That is why, for businesses or organizations looking to ramp up their advertising efforts, using outdoor LED displays is the way to go. As today’s society becomes more visual, the business that better commands attention gets the upper hand.

Apart from being a very effective advertising and marketing tool, LED displays are also known for their innovative technology that emits light far brighter than most conventional lights for outdoor advertising can. But what’s most intriguing about an outdoor LED signs is the fact that while it generates brighter light, it does so using a very small amount of energy. These reasons make the technology a more cost-efficient solution to a company’s outdoor advertising needs.

LED displays also offer the flexibility of displaying various moving ads in a single display panel. What’s more, these displays are highly programmable. With display advertising using LED technology, all an advertiser needs to do is program the ads for the day and the display itself will do its magic.

Whether you are looking for enhanced conversion or a more innovative and imaginative way of presenting your products or service outdoors, consider using LED technology for your advertising needs. Contact an outdoor LED sign company today to find out how you can take advantage of this ultra-modern advertising technology.
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