Three Ways a LED Signage Can Work Wonders in Your Business

Normally, the most expensive activity in which a business spends its money is on advertising its brand. From the company website, to the printed material, and indoor and outdoor signages, getting your message across is not an easy feat. Thank goodness, outdoor advertising signs exist.

Here are just some of the ways on how you can benefit from this advertising medium.


The outdoor LED signs that informed your customers about the sale specials last week can be easily reprogrammed to display something different this week. You will be able to make the most out of these LED signs as you can reprogram them to show a rotating cycle of a number of messages concurrently. This enables you to save in materials such as ordering new point-of-sale (POS) displays. You can also save on the labor costs associated with the process of updating messages on a standard sign.

Durability and Low Maintenance Requirement

Outdoor LED signs for business also require low maintenance and are known for their ability to stand the test of time. Well, how they work has something to do with this.

LED, which stands for Light emitting Diode, is an electronic component which glows brightly when electricity passes through it. Given that there are no moving parts inside, they don’t require much preventive maintenance. It also requires less energy than incandescent lighting and produces less heat, enabling it to last longer than other forms of illuminated signs.

Low Power Consumption

When you decide to switch to LED signage, be ready to spend a huge amount of money in the short term as it uses approximately a sixth the energy of an equally-bright incandescent bulb. However, you can recoup your expenses soon through lower energy costs.

Digital signage displays can work wonders in your business in ways you have never imagined. Apart from being high-tech and creative, they are also cost-effective. Hence, you can rest assured that every penny you spend for this advertising medium will bring out the best in your business.

Here in Dubai, a number of small and large businesses take full advantage of LED screens. Why don’t you join the trend now to experience a dramatic change in your enterprise? By entrusting your advertising needs to a professional OOH advertising company, you will be able to experience higher lead conversion and increased brand exposure.


LED Display Screens Distracting Drivers – The Truth Revealed

In the 21st century, a LED display screen never fails to grab the attention of anyone who sees it as it is flashy and colorful. However, due to this attribute, it is regarded by some as distracting to drivers, which may put their lives at risk. In fact, some local government authorities in some parts of the world have raised concerns regarding the possible dangers of LED display boards being placed close to highways and roads.

The good news is that there are several facts that refute this. According to studies, this medium of advertising is no more distracting to motorists than conventional static signs. While LED signages have been found to make a greater impression upon onlookers, this does not predispose road users to any threats.

Another crucial point to note is that a number of road authorities use LED displays themselves to communicate with motorists. In several counties, LED display boards are now becoming a mainstream sight next to roadways, and are being used to notify road users of potential issues and events ahead such as pending road works, delays, etc. They also remind motorists to drive safely and reduce their speed. If LED signs really pose a threat on road users, then they wouldn’t be used on roadways. See the logic?

When it comes to business, LED display screens do the trick in increasing brand exposure and lead conversion rates. Apart from these, they also offer the following benefits:

  • Attention-Grabbing Displays – In order to get a customer to purchase your products or avail your services, your ads should make a lasting impression the first time they are displayed on screen.
  • Great Content Opportunities – With an outdoor LED signage, you can display a specific content such as a video or static message at designated times.
  • Durable – LED screens are designed to withstand the elements as they feature the latest technology. On the other hand, conventional billboards are made of vinyl that easily gets damaged and light fixtures that need regular upkeep.
  • Operational Anywhere – What makes digital advertising technology a superstar is that it is operational anywhere as long as there is Wi-Fi. Plus, you can control a number of ads with just a few clicks.
A LED display screen is truly a great asset to any business. Whether used on the highway, in other outdoor locations or indoor, it does not pose safety threats and is designed to purely advertise your brand in the most unique and effective way possible.

Importance of Outdoor Advertising

Importance of Outdoor Advertising - Web 2.0.pngThere are wide-range of media today that you can use to advertise your business. One of which is the outdoor advertising through billboards and the new trend today which is the mobile LED trucks. This kind of advertising is still effective and proven through time even the birth of online market.

Here are the good things about outdoor advertising media:

1. It Creates Brand-Awareness

Reality is seeing a billboard once will not give that IMPACT. However, if people see that outdoor billboard every day — whether the audience needed your services or products your advert will stick in their mind.

Here’s the kicker…

Subconsciously you are creating trust and authority on your niche.

2. Guaranteed that People Will See Your Message

The beauty of outdoor media is it cannot be avoided — unsolicited marketing. Through outdoor signs whether people like it or not it catches their attention — it usually creates an interruption in the busy areas.

Through time…

People will remember you because you convey the message well.

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Product Branding Strategy through Mobile LED Truck

Branding is very important any business scale whether it is a global billionaire or small business company. Yes, it caters every business.

So what is branding?

Branding is creating an image and name for your product in the consumers’ mind.

It simply means consistency of the theme a product has.

Of course, you need to spend on your branding phase.


Branding - Web2.0 Account.png


Branding is a phase-process wherein it needs to be taken step-by-step (it really doesn’t happen overnight as any other current marketing strategy available). It is developed in a process.

Real talk…

You cannot build a brand by just having your name and awesome logo.

Here’s the kicker…

Without a solid business operation, you cannot have a great brand.

So here are the ingredients to have a successful brand:

Ingredient 1: Relevance

This is not an absolute — anything can change at any moment. Relevance is closely related to specialization and niche marketing.

Case Study:

Ten years ago Blackberry is a highly relevant brand among young and hyper-busy professionals but not anymore. Apple, Samsung, and Google wiped the Blackberry off the map.

“Brand relevance should be innovative in a fast-phase manner.”

Ingredient 2: Credibility

This is knowing your brand — its core essence of your business.


BMW tagline: The Ultimate Driving Machine

Remember: If you over promise or you come up short, you will sacrifice your credibility.

“Brand credibility builds trust and loyalty.“

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Why mobile billboards command your audience’s attention

We have a long, rambling list of reasons why we love mobile billboards, and especially our mobile billboards. But you’re looking for hard facts, the evidence that declares, without a doubt, why mobile billboards are an essential medium to any media plan. So we’ve scraped the hearts off of our sleeves to look very objectively at this advertising solution. Here’s a bit of science behind why mobile billboards work.

Moving advertisements are noticed quicker and are more memorable. According to a study by APN using brain scanning technology, an ad that moves has a 45% higher peak exposure than stationary advertisements. “Once there is a higher level of engagement with the brand, we found that this then results in a deeper level of memory encoding,” explains Liz Farquharson, MD. “Memory encoding can increase recall of a brand, and drive greater brand salience.”

Size really does matter. Bigger is better when it comes to advertising. When you’re trying to get noticed, a 10 feet high, 22 feet wide message will not be easily missed. Especially if it’s moving – and at eye level in the street. You don’t need a rocket scientist to tell you that you’ll be stacking the deck in your favor if you opt for a larger-than-life advertisement in a world full of clutter.

Highly targeting your advertisement to the right people in the right place at the right time results in more quality impressions. Because of the move-ability factor, mobile billboards can infiltrate a specific market, can narrow-cast down to a hyper-local level and can offer creative that speaks directly to your precise target audience. With intelligent mapping software, we can identify the most strategic route based not just on location but also demographics. Mobile billboards can also target based on interest. For example, if you want to reach sports fans, a mobile billboard can run during tailgating hours on busy game days. If you want to reach the college-aged crowd, a mobile billboard can target a campus and visit popular student hangouts. Large events, such as festivals, conferences, Comic-Con or the Superbowl are also great ways to target a specific type of audience. So not only will your reach and frequency rates be high, but you’ll be confident that those impressions were by the people you actually care about. It’s like Facebook advertisement segmentation, but real.

Mobile billboards play nice with digital. According to NinthDecimal, pairing an out-of-home advertising campaign with a smartphone campaign can amplify the reach by up to 316%. With beacon technology, a mobile billboard can be noticed by all the right people in the right place at the right time, and it can now also send a contextually relevant, proximity-based message directly to someone’s smartphone via a brand’s own or a third party mobile app that aligns with the campaign’s target audience. Do we really need to go on?

We admit that we are biased, but we believe that when you look at mobile billboards squarely, as impartial as a professional referee or as equitable as Judge Judy, you, too, will see that the advantages are just too stupendous to ignore. It’s love.


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How Should The Outdoor LED Display Be Strengthened And Maintained

As an outstanding representative of LED outdoor applications, outdoor LED display is suitable for many fields of life because of its convenient maintenance, energy saving, wind resistance, pressure resistance, stable and reliable operation. As we all know, there are many kinds of common display screens, of which there are countless good ones, but no matter which one, the good color expression is a beautiful sight in the bustling city.

As anyone in the professional LED industry knows, it is essential to have installation and debugging process for the outdoor LED display to run well. So for technical construction personnel, know good outdoor building, maintenance, advertising screen skill will be able to better promote the business advertising and information dissemination. It also must be known to a technical construction worker. In fact, the installation of outdoor LED display is generally divided into four parts: field investigation, equipment construction, product installation, and product debugging.

For these outdoor LED display screens, it is important to distinguish the outdoor wall advertising screen and the hanging advertisement screen. In the actual installation of these screens, we should use the crane and the hoist to carry out the sectional hoisting according to the height of the distance, and ensure that the following and above staff can cooperate with each other. In order to make the LED screens in the upper air have a better installation and use process. In the process of building, safety and fine operation must meet the first requirement.

Of course, as a senior high quality LED display  construction personnel, only know installation is not enough.   Usually, the main body of the outdoor LED display support structure is mainly steel materials, because in the open air environment, by the influence of temperature, humidity, harmful substances and other factors, it is extremely easy to be oxidized and cause corrosion, or even serious corrosion, so the ability of steel components to resist loading capacity is greatly reduced. So how to better maintain the outdoor LED display has become our essential homework. So how to better maintain and extend the life of the display in the end?

The concrete is directly poured under the underpinning of a bored foundation, and a static column, a driven pile and a filling pile are arranged on the lower or the two sides of the billboard foundation to reinforce the foundation.The chemical slurry is injected into the foundation evenly, and the original loose soil or fracture cementation is solidified by these slurry, so as to improve the foundation bearing capacity and waterproof anti-seepage. By setting concrete enclosures or reinforced concrete enclosures, the floor area at the bottom of the outdoor LED display screen is increased, and uneven settlement of the foundation due to the small base area of the billboard and the insufficient carrying capacity is changed.Reasonable maintenance of outdoor LED display method is essential, because in the future life it can be very good to help the majority of users.


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How to cooling LED display board

n summer season, LED display board not only has to have a good lighting protection but also should be pay more attention of high temperature in summer, especially for outdoor LED display screens. In some special locations, the temperature is above to 40 degrees while the LED display board still working under such heat environment. In sake of the security of this, VERPIXEL here to help you with this kind of question for how outdoor LED display screens encounter the high temperature testing.

Step 1: Excellent selection in raw materials.

LED display board is consist of cover, PCB( Printed Circuit Board) and shell. In order to make the LED display board capable of fireproof & moistureproof so the waterproof glues also an important part of a LED display board. The cover and shell are all being proven by quality testing that using PC fiberglass material with fire-retardant features. The PCB is sprayed black 3-resisting lacquer can be able to prevent weathering, corrosion.

Step2: Solve the problem of heat dissipation

The bigger outdoor LED display screens is, the more power used, also the more heating. In additional, LED display board working under the high temperature in summer day, which cause difficult to dissipate the heats?

In order to solve the problem of heat dissipation, we need to adjust the outdoor LED display screens from the outer design to inner structure. Outer screen adopting hollow design, precision design of high-density circuit boards. Inner structure using macro permeable design to protect the system from prolonged raining and electrical short circuit. Do not add any fans in order to decrease LED circuit load. Combination of inside and outside designs to achieve efficient heat dissipation effect of an LED display board.

Step 3: Standardized installation

LED displays board are high-power electrical, it’s easy to short circuit. A good quality VERYPIXEL outdoor LED display screens is made not allowed any short circuit circumstance from wires to structures. For the sake of security, manufacturers should be very careful to install the screen according to the guidance. Making sure right access for the positive and negative, circuit connections are secure and clean up the tinderbox surrounding the LED display board. What’s more, please arrange professional and technical personnel  to make a regular inspection of the LED display board.


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